About Me


Graduated in IED, focused in art direction, creative direction and set design. 

My personal stamp has a lot of elegance & fantasy, creating atmospheres of different kind of realities and transporting you to a  dreamlike world. At the same time I have an obsession with the beauty of everyday life ... which is why I like to rescue ordinary elements and take them to bucolic settings.


Vogue Portugal, Wonderland, AD Spain, Moon Magazine, Glamour Spain, Tapas, Vogue Spain, La Vanguardia, Pap Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Vein Magazine, Luna Magazin, Fucking Young Magazine, Kluid Magazine, Revs Magazine, etc.


Loewe, Tiffany&Co, Gucci, Victorio&Lucchino Perfumes, Mietis, PdePaola, Greta Boldini, Brownie, Roca, Beter, Lafloïd, Cottet, Monki, Glamour, Max Factor, ZeGarcia, Compañía Fantastica, Optica Universitaria, MAM, The Campamento, GoodNews & more.

Photographers & Directors

Angie Couple,  Berta Pfirsich, Nur Casadevall, Raul Ruz, Enric Badrinas, Javi Dardo, Anabel Luna, Dani Pujalte, Ambiwo, Alba Ricart, Laia Benavides, Marcie Dvorak, Aitana Valencia, Laura Leal, Leo Tornev, & others.

Work with Me

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